San Juan Ridge Tapestry Project

Stay Back!

Digging through a drawer full of old T-Shirts can do no harm, and as it happens, it can do much good! As we did this very thing, we found a T-Shirt related to the Measure Q campaign, and thus connected to our current tapestry, “Don’t Mine Our Water”. For those who are not aware, Measure Q was a campaign in the  1980’s, led by my very own Grandfather, Jerry Tecklin, to create a county ordinance which would require open pit mining to stay at least 3500 feet away from housing of any kind. The slogan: Stay Back!

IMG_2449 IMG_2443
This was a large part of the campaign against the open pit mining in the 80’s and it was something worth putting on the tapestry. Even though Measure Q was defeated at the ballot, it energized many neighborhood groups to fight against the mining industry.
The 'Measure Q' paper embroidered by moi.
The ‘Measure Q’ paper embroidered by moi.

– Josh Tecklin