San Juan Ridge Tapestry Project

Jennifer Rain completes drawings for #9, #10

The artist of all the tapestries, Jennifer Rain, has completed the drawings for tapestries number 9 and 10. The 9th tapestry is of our much loved and appreciated volunteer fire department, the  San Juan Fire Department.  The main scene is of a fire near a home. The bottom border shows many of the department’s other activities,  assistance at medical emergencies and at traffic accidents, partnering with helicopter evacuations, giving out free life jackets to children, instructing children visiting the firehall, and of, course, the famous May, Scotch Broom Breakfast.

“How We Live” is the title of the 10th tapestry, a complex, 9 foot long collage depicting 8 local homesteads and the local Ring of Bone Zendo. It features many different architectural styles and building sites and variety of life ways associated with each location are depicted.

These recent drawings will be on the shelf as we work to complete stitching on tapestries #8, “The River” and #9 “The Blue Cradle”. This is our first attempt at working on two tapestries at the same time.  They rotate between the Oak Tree Community library and Mary Moore’s workshop.  Today the stitchers expressed a longing to work again on the Blue Cradle.  So the River went to Mary’s home where stitchers may join Mary on Mondays. Mary has completed all the water parts and now river rocks both above and below water remain to be done.

Anyone is welcome to join us stitching “The Blue Cradle” at the Community Library Tuesday afternoon from 1 to 3 or Thursday morning from 10 to 12.  For more information call Marsha Stone at 265-3753.

We continue to be grateful for the outpouring of support during our recent crowdsourced fundraising. Though we had hoped to raise enough to finance two tapestries, we have been able to finance four of them. That leaves just two more Tapestries to meet our goal of 12 to fill the North Columbia Schoolhouse Cultural Center.