San Juan Ridge Tapestry Project

A tapestry depicting images of different houses and gardening.

Homesteads and Work Parties

Artist Jennifer Rain Crosby chose eight homesteads and two work parties from hundreds of possibilities to illustrate how we live.  Each of the homesteads was owner built.  They include Robin and Arlo Acton of O La La Farm with a home built around a large boulder, Gary Snyder’s Japanese influenced house, Steve Sanfield’s 3 level house built on a steep hillside, The Dardick home by a lake with design influenced by architect Sam Dardick, the Hinricks stone house, Mondi’s earthen house, Amber Cohen and Murray’s homestead in progress, and Jerry Tecklin’s log house. 

 In the top left corner of the tapestry  part of a work crew are repairing a driveway and road.  In the top right corner volunteers build the Ring of Bone Zendo in the summer of 1982. It took more than 3 years of stitching parties for stitchers to finish this 9 foot tapestry. Not only was it longer than most of the other tapestries, but it had much more small detail.